[Cocci] [v5] coccinelle: semantic code search for missing put_device()

Masahiro Yamada yamada.masahiro at socionext.com
Tue Mar 26 10:52:18 CET 2019

On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 6:06 PM Markus Elfring <Markus.Elfring at web.de> wrote:
> > When I searched "Wen Yang", v6 did not show up for some reasons.
> > https://lore.kernel.org/patchwork/project/lkml/list/?series=&submitter=22638&state=*&q=&archive=&delegate=
> I find such a situation also interesting somehow.
> I assume that there was another temporary technical difficulty involved
> with the Linux mailing list (and related information systems).

I think v6 fell into a crack somehow.

Check the LKML archive:

I see your reply:

Re: [v6] coccinelle: semantic code search for missing put_device()Markus Elfring

But, I cannot find the v6 patch itself.

> > So, I just thought v5 was the latest one
> > and I was completely missing the context.
> Did any messages for the sixth (and seventh) script version reach you?
> https://lore.kernel.org/cocci/201902191014156680299@zte.com.cn/

I use both my corporate email address and Gmail,
and play it by ear.

I see it in my corporate mail box now.
It reached me probably because I subscribe to cocci at systeme.lip6.fr
with my socionext email address.

However, this time I only checked my Gmail box,
which subscribes to linux-kernel ML, but not cocci ML.

I just skimmed over the thread, then
I missed the fact you were giving some comments about v6.

> https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/1553321671-27749-1-git-send-email-wen.yang99@zte.com.cn/

Yes. I see this one.

I will apply it to fixes branch
if nobody sees a problem in it.

> Regards,
> Markus

Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada

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