[Cocci] Clarification for scripted SmPL constraints

SF Markus Elfring elfring at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Feb 17 15:54:16 CET 2018

>> Which parameters should be passed to the selected function?
> You can always pass the declared metavariable.

I have got special imaginations for convenient parameter passing
in such an use case.

> You can put a comma-separated list of inherited metavariables

Do you suggest that a dependency on metavariable inheritance is required?

> (r.a, r.b, ...) between the parentheses, and then use a, b, etc in the script code.

I would appreciate if the needed data would be directly available for
the predicate function (without repeating variable names).

> If there are no disjunctions in the rule and if the declared metavariable
> is no seprated by ... from a metavariable previously declared in the same rule,
> then the latter variable can be included in the () as well, with no rule
> name, and then used in the script code.

I find this condition hard to understand at the moment.


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