[Cocci] prinkt specifiers

Julia Lawall julia.lawall at lip6.fr
Wed Oct 11 07:27:43 CEST 2017

On Wed, 11 Oct 2017, Tobin C. Harding wrote:

> Hi,
> Is it possible to craft a coccinelle script to find and replace calls (in the kernel) that are
> printing pointers using %x.
> Perhaps we could easily catch the calls that are casting the pointer within argument list, for example
> 	pr_info("x: %llx\n", (unsigned long long int)ptr);
> I'm happy to try and work out how to do it, just chasing a 'yes that is exactly the type of thing
> cocci is good at' or a 'no, you are dreaming, perhaps <this tool> can do that'

It's possible.  Look at coccinelle/demos/format.cocci

This may not be the most well tested part of Coccinelle, so if it is not
doing what you expect, please feel free to complain.


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