[Cocci] Parse error with genl-const.cocci

Remington Furman remicles2 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 18:57:27 CET 2017

Hi Johannes and Julia,

Wow, you two are great.  Thank you for the quick response.  More
notes below, including another spatch error after downgrading to
spatch 1.0.4.

On 12/01/2017 12:27 AM, Johannes Berg wrote:
 > +cocci list
 > Hi,
 > Looks like you made a really deep investigation here - awesome, thanks
 > for doing that!

It's the least I could do, considering the work you've put in
before me.

 > On Thu, 2017-11-30 at 21:43 -0800, Remington Furman wrote:
 >> Full log using genl-const.cocci
 >> init_defs_builtins: /usr/local/bin/../lib/coccinelle/standard.h
 >> meta: parse error:
 >>    File "./patches/0027-genl-const/genl-const.cocci", line 2, column 
 >> charpos = 13
 >>    around = '__genl_const',
 >>    whole content = attribute __genl_const;
 >> [...snip callstack...]
 > FWIW, the patch is pretty simple:
 > @@
 > attribute __genl_const;
 > @@
 > (
 > -const struct genl_multicast_group
 > +__genl_const struct genl_multicast_group
 > |
 > -const struct genl_ops
 > +__genl_const struct genl_ops
 > )
 > (yes, that's the full patch)

I had considered trying to manually apply the patch, but didn't
know what files it would touch, or if spatch would fail on other
patches later on.

 >> This is very similar to this problem:
 >> <https://www.spinics.net/lists/backports/msg04216.html>
 >> The conclusion of that thread is that the --integrate workflow is
 >> no longer supported.
 >> However, I am not using --integrate, and I am still getting
 >> errors about parsing '__genl_const'.
 > Yeah this --integrate is unrelated to the problem - the problem is that
 > spatch can't parse this patch (any more).
 >> Is that a bug in the patch
 >> or possibly a regression in spatch?
 > I think it's a regression in spatch.

Ok, I'm glad Julia confirmed that the behavior changed between

 >> I've tried v4.14-rc2 also,
 >> but nothing older.
 > That's a kernel version so not really relevant - spatch doesn't even
 > attempt to apply the changes since it can't parse them.
 >> This page has a lot of great example info, and suggested that it
 >> could be a problem with my version of spatch. Specifically, that
 >> I was missing the menhir and libmenhir-ocaml-dev packages when
 >> building Coccinelle and a rebuild should help.
 >> <http://stonyslp.blogspot.com/2017/08/backport-driver.html>
 > That I don't know - I've never built spatch myself.

If I remember correctly, I had to because the version in my package
manager was only 1.0.0-rc19, and that was too old for the backports
tag I checked out.  So, I chose the latest release in git.

 >> Unfortunately, I still have the same errors after running make
 >> distclean and rebuilding.
 >> I have:
 >> coccinelle $ git describe --tags
 >> 1.0.6-365-gd73c6e6
 >> coccinelle $ spatch --version
 >> spatch version 1.0.6-00365-gd73c6e6 compiled with OCaml version 4.01.0
 >> Flags passed to the configure script: [none]
 >> OCaml scripting support: yes
 >> Python scripting support: yes
 >> Syntax of regular expresssions: PCRE
 > That seems reasonable as far as configuration is concerned.
 >> I found this patch which describes how older versions can't
 >> handle the __genl_const changes (20150209):
 >> <https://www.spinics.net/lists/backports/msg03223.html>
 >> But, I also see commit 748116c8 from shortly after (20150507)
 >> which introduced genl-const.cocci and says only spatch 1.0.0-rc23
 >> is needed.
 > Right.
 >> I feel like I'm close to figuring this out, but would appreciate
 >> any help or pointers.
 > Yeah I think you're pretty close.
 > Can you try obtaining/building spatch 1.0.4? That definitely works for
 > me, so I think there's probably a regression in spatch somewhere
 > between 1.0.4 and the version that you're running.
 > johannes

Ok, I've rebuilt with 1.0.4, and it applied genl-const.cocci just
fine.  But, later on my CPU was held at 100% for 29 minutes:

Applying SmPL patch 0079-netdev-destructor.cocci
[...waited 29 minutes...]
^CTraceback (most recent call last):
   File "./gentree.py", line 1107, in <module>
     ret = _main()
   File "./gentree.py", line 724, in _main
   File "./gentree.py", line 906, in process
     failure = apply_patches(args, "backport", source_dir, 'patches', 
bpid.target_dir, logwrite)
   File "./gentree.py", line 601, in apply_patches
     output = sprocess.communicate()[0]
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/subprocess.py", line 791, in communicate
     stdout = _eintr_retry_call(self.stdout.read)
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/subprocess.py", line 476, in _eintr_retry_call
     return func(*args)

Any ideas there?  Perhaps I will try another release version of
spatch and report back.  Or I will update the genl-const.cocci
patch and try the latest spatch release again.

Thank you,

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