[Cocci] Place ifdef around all the expressions that are using a particular macro

Andrea Grandi muffo87 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 01:45:53 CEST 2017


I am back porting a set of old header files into a recent version of my C
project. The old header files don't have the definition of various macros
(i.e. #define) that are currently used in the library. This is causing
various compilation errors.

I'd like to use Coccinelle to place #if 0 around the expressions as a
temporary *workaround* in order to fix the compilation errors.

I know it's a very powerful tool, but I have just started using it and I
would need some help writing the semantic patch.

Here is a very simple example of what I have done so far:

identifier a;
expression P, N;@@-a = MACRO(P, N);+// TODO: MACRO does not exist in
old header+#if 0+a = MACRO (P, N);+#endif+a = 0;

In some case, the macro is used inside a function call. In order to catch
this scenario I had to write something more verbose and *less generic* like:

expression E, D, err, P;
identifier f;@@-err = f(P, MACRO(E, 0), D);+// TODO: MACRO does not
exist in old header+#if 0+err = f(P, MACRO(E, 0), D);+#endif+err = OK;

Finally, there are cases where the macro is used inside an if condition.
For example:

if (a > MACRO(A, B)) {
   // Various lines of code}

What I'd like to do here would be to put #if 0 around the whole block of

#if 0if (a > MACRO(A, B)) {
   // Various lines of code}#endif

*Is there a way in Coccinelle to cover all the three cases above with a
single expression?*

Also, considering that I should replace a number of macros, is there a way
to create a generic semantic patch and use it multiple times by simply
providing different macro names? Sort of like calling a function multiple
times with different arguments.


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