[Cocci] [PATCH v2 2/7] module: add extra argument for parse_params() callback

Luis R. Rodriguez mcgrof at suse.com
Tue Oct 7 00:15:21 CEST 2014

On Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 11:06:34PM +0200, SF Markus Elfring wrote:
> >> How do you think about to work with more data type definitions for such
> >> callback functions?
> > 
> > Sorry I don't understand what you mean.
> Can a specific "typedef" help in corresponding software maintenance?
> Do you find descriptions from an other software application useful for such an
> use case here?
> http://www.fltk.org/doc-1.3/group__callback__functions.html

Thanks I've reviewed this but I prefer to avoid typedefs.


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