[Cocci] Remove unnecessary null pointer checks?

SF Markus Elfring elfring at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Feb 25 21:11:43 CET 2014

> I don't think it is a good approach to do anything related to 5142
> different functions at once.

A source code search with the following pattern found only six functions for
further consideration.

expression data;
identifier work;
identifier release =~ "^kz?free$";
position pos;
type t;
 t work at pos(...)
( if (data) release(data);
| if (likely(data)) release(data);

I wonder a bit about this analysis result because the SmPL pattern I started
this discussion thread with showed a few more update candidates.

> It would be better to pick a small set of functions, and work on them carefully.

I would prefer to handle a more complete fix pattern.

By the way: I read about corresponding software update approaches in an article
"Best practices for a big patch series" by Wolfram Sang.

How are the chances to resolve the message "Fatal error: exception
Pcre.Error(_)" with a proposed long alternation?


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