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Thank to all 

What the differentce among 'Identifier declaration statement' in metavariable portion?
I  just guess they all can be used to express a name of variable or function

For example:

Identifier a; or declaration a;?

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p is a position metavariable. It is useful when you want to print line and column numbers of interesting parts.

The @p means that the position of what matches to 'i' will be saved into p.

There is some information available at:

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 6:45 AM, 林嘉(程二 福州) <linjia at ruijie.com.cn> wrote:
> e.g. in find_unsigned.cocci
> @u@ type T; unsigned T i; position p; @@  i at p < 0
> what is the difference with
> @u@ type T; unsigned T i; @@
>  i < 0
> and what is the meaning of operator '@' ahead 'p'?
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