[Cocci] Coccinelle and token concatenation (##) preprocessor macros

Jim Barlow jim at purplerock.ca
Mon Dec 22 02:21:19 CET 2014


I'm trying to get coccinelle working with libressl (an openssl fork). It
seems to have trouble with the following (admitted atrocious) macro which
directs the compiler to declare a struct with an arbitrary name.

Here's an example:

typedef struct stack_st {
int num;
char **data;
int sorted;

int num_alloc;
int (*comp)(const void *, const void *);

#define STACK_OF(type) struct stack_st_##type

#define DECLARE_STACK_OF(type) \
STACK_OF(type) \
    { \
    _STACK stack; \


Normally the typedef and #defines would appear in a global header,
DECLARE_STACK_OF in a local header, and STACK_OF in C source files,
including function definitions. I placed all in one file for testing.

I am testing spatch running as:

spatch --parse-c cocci-test.c

Any suggestions to get this working, or are ## macros not supported at this

I'm using coccinelle 1.0.0-rc21 on OS X (Homebrew). I have tried manually
building -rc23 but was unable to build, but that's a separate question.


*Jim Barlow, **P.Eng.*
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