[Cocci] 1.0.0-rc23 release - Clarification of build tweaks

SF Markus Elfring elfring at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Dec 13 12:18:11 CET 2014

>> Who did update the build files like "configure.ac" and "commons/Makefile"?
>> https://github.com/coccinelle/coccinelle/commit/c5ff9aff461df30b31ff23b17d2487127c8b9d0a#diff-67e997bcfdac55191033d57a16d1408a
> Why do you want to know this?

We have got a few difficulties in the past to find someone for further
consideration of my proposed corrections around the affected build scripts.
Did the expertise concerns change a bit in the meantime?

> They were updated mostly to accomodate changes in more recent versions of ocaml.

I find that it would also be nice to mention such adjustments in the
release notes, wouldn't it?


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