[Cocci] Finding function implementations that call only a single function.

SF Markus Elfring elfring at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Dec 7 15:41:06 CET 2014

> Of course, you can also tell from the returns, or lack there of, in the 
> function whether the function has void return type as well.

This approach is exactly the kind of SmPL filter design I tried out
with the script "list_functions_with_single_function_call5-no_db.cocci"
for example.

Unfortunately, I frightened and annoyed you with that SmPL rule collection
to some degree.

I suggest to reconsider this situation once more.
* It can be that I got stuck somehow in this application variant as the
  number of relevant rules grew.

* But is it also possible to compute the number of required rules from
  factors in this way for a logically correct version?
  return_type_detection x pointer_usage x static_determination x ...


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