[Cocci] Addition of source code documentation generation to the build system?

SF Markus Elfring elfring at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Mar 5 14:24:42 CET 2013

> But anyway, I don't think that the configureation script generates the
> makefiles.  The make files are static, and they include other files that
> are generated by the configuration file.  But the include information is
> in the static part.

I suggest to reconsider the understanding of Autotools functionality from your
current build specification "configure.ac". Some data need to be conditionally
forwarded through the involved processing stages until it will reach a
documentation generation command.

> I think you should take it up with the ocaml developers.  Surely others
> would appreciate this functionality, if it does not already exist.

Have you got any good contacts to them (e. g. from your university) to get
further helpful ideas eventually?


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