[Cocci] Addition of source code documentation generation to the build system?

Julia Lawall julia.lawall at lip6.fr
Tue Mar 5 11:28:30 CET 2013

> > But if you need everything to get any documentation, then I guess you would need
> > the external libraries as well.
> I guess that I will need a technique to determine include paths for the
> referenced modules consistently.

I think you could grep for them in the makefile.

> > I'm not sure why ocamldoc can't just use the -I paths to find the things
> > it needs.  That is you should be able to give just one file, and it should
> > be able to find the information for any dependencies.
> Do you expect that more "intelligence" or "convenience" should be provided by
> this tool?

I don't know anything about this tool, but I would expect that it would
follow the same strategy as the rest of the ocaml tools for respolving


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